St. Joseph’s Church, Mountmellick

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: 7.30pm
Sunday: 9.00am  & 12.00noon
Weekdays: Mon, Wed & Friday 10.00am
Tuesday and Thursday: 7.30pm

Holy Days: 7.30pm (vigil), 9.00am & 7.30pm.

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St. Mary’s Church, Clonaghadoo

Mass Times

Sunday: 10.30am
First Friday: 8.00pm.

Holy Days: 10.30am

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Protecting Ireland’s 8th Amendment is about much more than opposing abortion.  Any society claiming to be “prolife” must also commit to putting adequate social supports in place for expectant mothers and their unborn babies. Great strides are already being made to make this a reality.  Each human being, regardless of age, dependency, gender, disability or circumstance, possesses a profound, inherent, equal and irreplaceable value and dignity.

It’s easy to overlook the lifesaving effect of the Eighth Amendment but we do so at high risk.  It’s one of the most exciting aspects of the provision, and it’s one of the main reasons why we would come to miss the Eighth so much if it were repealed.  The Eighth Amendment stands alone as a beacon of international human rights protection and those are not just words.  There are people alive in Ireland thanks to the provision.