St. Joseph’s Church, Mountmellick

Mass Times

Saturday Vigil: 7.30pm
Sunday: 11.00am
Weekdays: Mon, Wed & Friday 10.00am
Tuesday and Thursday: 7.30pm

Holy Days: 11.00am & 7.30pm.

about St. Joseph’s Church, Mountmellick

St. Mary’s Church, Clonaghadoo

Mass Times

Sunday: 9.00am
First Friday: 8.00pm


about St. Mary’s Church, Clonaghadoo

What’s On Webcam and When

Mass will be celebrated as follows, behind closed doors, but available via our webcam service.

Mon 10.00am.             

Tues 7.30pm.

Weds 10.00am.          

Thurs 7.30pm.

Fri 10.00am.          

Sat 7.30pm Vigil.

Sun 11.00am.

Also on Webcam                     Also on Webcam

Sunday 7.00pm.  Stations of the Cross   

Tues 8pm – 8.30pm.   Rosary & Adoration

Thurs 8pm – 8.30pm. Rosary & Adoration