Sunday January 17th

Published on January 11, 2021

‘Speak, Lord, your servant is listening!’  Like the people in today’s readings, we, too, are called by Christ: called to spend time with him; to work with him; to offer our bodies, hearts and minds in loving service of God’s will.  John the Evangelist describes the call of the first disciples, where Jesus asks the searching question addressed to every reader of the Gospel: ‘What do you want?’ Here begins the journey of getting to know Jesus, as the disciples (and we ourselves) follow on the path of deepening faith towards an understanding of who Jesus Christ is.  This week, we, too, may ask for the grace of an open ear and an open-hearted response to Jesus’s invitation to ‘Come and see’. We also remember those of our sisters and brothers who, like Samuel, as yet have ‘no knowledge of the Lord’, and ask that they may come to know the safety and peace such knowledge can bring in an uncertain world.