Parish Celebrations

Published on September 22, 2023

Celebrating Sacraments 2023/2024

 1st  Penance/Confession

 Monday Feb 19th  Scoil Phádraig 6.00pm

Tuesday Feb 20th Scoil Iósaif 6.000pm

 Wednesday Feb 21st The Rock 6.00pm

 Thursday Feb 22nd  Clonaghadoo 6.00pm

 Confirmation  Confirmation

 Saturday Mar 2nd     Scoil Iósaif     11.00am

Scoil Phádraig  2.00pm

 Saturday Mar 9th       The Rock NS    11.00am

Clonaghadoo NS  2.00pm


 First Holy Communion

 Saturday May 11th  Clonaghadoo NS  11.00am

Saturday May 18th  Scoil Phádraig  11.00am

Scoil Iósaif  2.00pm


Saturday May 25th  The Rock NS  11.00am